Chicago at War

Sami's Summary #6


We get a another phone call quickly after Nada’s mysterious phone call. I answer it and it’s Joe Cool. He tells me he’s getting info on Nada’s phone call and will let us know asap what he finds out. He also tells me he has reenforcement for us. He says he has Alice and somebody else there to help us and that we should head over. I tell him we’re on the way, we get into our vehicles and head over. 

When we get to Joe Cool’s house we head inside and at the dinner table is a huge southern breakfast prepared. I notice Alice is at the table and a new girl. She introduces herself as Abai. She’s about 6 ft tall with a strange look in her eyes. Joe says he was able to get an address and we pile back into our vehicles. Joe decides he wants to join me, Alex and Alice in the limo. We hurry over to address, it seems to be about 15 minutes in Southside Chicago. 

When we pull up we realize it’s at Wriggly field. Joe asks how we want to handle this. I tell him lets be stealthy about it and remember there are plenty of Kind around here that are just doing their job. We all get out the vehicles and head towards an employee entrance. Alex and Steve decide it’s a bright idea to try to scale the walls of the side, as the rest of us continue walking. As we get up to the employee entrance two security guards come up to us asking what we’re here for. While they’re asking us we get a text saying there’s 5 people on the pitchers mound with 1 tied down and gagged. I use dominate to convince them we’re setting up for a Madonna concert tomorrow and we’re plain-clothed security and need to get our security clearance so we can scope out the place. They tell us that one of them will bring us to the security office. He brings us to the main security office and scans his keycard to let us in. We walk in and see a wall of camera feeds on the wall. Another security officer comes in from a small office on the side and asks what we’re doing there. I dominate him and tell him to go into the bathroom, lock himself in a stall, hide in there until night ends, and do not say a word to anybody. Once he leaves we tell the guy who escorted us he can head back now. He leaves to go back to his post. We see on the cameras Steve running up to the guys on the pitcher’s mound asking them something. A guy with a sword walks up to Steve and slices him with a sword. It looks like it may have killed him…We hurry to the field to try to help bring down the 5 guys. 

When I make it out to the field Vult is shooting at the guy with the sword. Alice and Abai both open fire on him. Abai is able to kill the guy using her claws. That was pretty sick. Now there’s only 4 people chanting around the people that’s tied down. I use dominate to convince one that he’s a janitor at Wriggly field and he doesn’t speak English. We wanders off, back to his janitor duties. Abai runs up and claws another chanting person  dropping him. Damn she is good. I use dominate on another and convince him he’s the PA announcer for Wriggly field  that works for Russian TV sports broadcasting and he knows nothing about what’s happening with the chanting or anything else. He hurries off because he’s late to do his job. Vult finishes off the last guy with his shotgun. After they’ve all been taken care of we see that the person tied down and gagged is Nada. She’s knocked unconscious so Joe Cool throws her over his shoulder to bring her back to the cars. Vult’s wolf grabs Steve by the ankle and drags him to the cars. We get to our cars and head back to Joe’s house. When we arrive Joe brings Nada to a bed for her to rest and we meet at the dinner table to talk.

Sami's Summary #5

The story continues from inside the attic. I remind everybody that we still haven’t found the being that we were searching for inside the house. Lawrence looks outside the window in the attic and tells us there’s a being is heading towards the Charger. He said it’s a spiritual being that’s angry and afraid. I recommend we hurry towards it. We run towards the front door. As we get out the front door we see three shadowy tentacles appear from the ground. The tentacles swing and hits somebody. It reveals a goth guy running away. Vult goes to attack but the blade goes right through him and the wound closes immediately. I try to alter his mind but it seemingly fails. As we fight I attempt to possess the guy. It takes a few tries, but eventually I grab hold of his mind and take him over. 

I start to read through his memories and mention his name is Elihu. He is from the Baali Blood Line. He was in the middle of summoning the demon I had to kill beforehand. He’s on a mission. The Baali has been working with the La Sombra, in exchange for status in the Sabat in Chicago. Their goal was to dispose of Nada, by feeding her to the demon. I try to figure out who the master is. He only can remember the voice. Allies of his in Chicago are Glotto (also Baali), Maureen (Baali as well). They’re supposed to be looking into other hideouts but is unsure of addresses. Smith loosens the grip from the tentacles and I check inside his pants. He’s rocking a solid 8.5 inches… damn. He probably would make all these boys jealous. I walk him up to the front door, lean him against the door and drop possession. I pull everybody to a safe distance and tell Steve “Light em up Cowboy.” Steve lines up and shoots his RPG at Elihu. It’s a direct hit, blowing him to smithereens along with the house. 

Suddenly Smith gets a phone call from Nada. All she says is “Help me” and the phone hangs up….

Steves Story and thoughts. 20171209

I grab johns keys, and began looking through johns car. I found more guns and knives. I listen to these strangers i just met talk about these emails. Im still trying to determine whats going on. Just glad i got to watch these hunters die. Iook over to the one named Sammy and I give her a quick glace from head to toe. She looks rather cute. I sure hope she is a true venture. Now the weird russain guy is talking to somebody named vladamir puttin. While they are talking i get in the 69 charger and start it. I step out the car with it running, i look to sammy and ask wana take a ride. She hurts my feelings. I wonder what i can do to get sammy to take a ride. I look over to the weird russain guy to see him start dancing suddenly. I got out to intemidate the russian, he just danced more. Then i get back in my charger. I start heading to the destination. I grab my rifle, sawed off shotgun, and my RPG. I also grab my combat vest, and toss one to Lawrence and Vult. All loaded with ammo. We start sneeking through the backyard. I notice a old oil latern on the deck in the backyard. I ready my RPG, and signal everybody to stand clear. Lawrence still goes by the house. We all walk in the house after breaking the lock. We find the room where everybody is chanting. I keep checking sammy out, she has some nice curves. I keep hearing weird chanting. i open door and i see nothing. I grab my shotgun and i shot the ihome. i open the attic hatch. This crazy russain is going up there. I think he might die.I run out to the backyard and grab the oil latern. I then bring it back to the group. I walk up into the attic. Damn nobody has a lighter. I walk up and break the circle. We see something forming from the mist. I see a weird looking skull like demon. he looks rather mad and aggressive. My sweetheart tries to ittemidate this creature. She is so cute when she is like this. This son of a bitch tried to grab at me. I hope sammy seen this dodge. Seariously sammy is so sexy when she does that. This guy needs to go back to hell or i will have to send him back myself! This crazy russian just put this thing in a full nelson. This thing is really creepy. This russian guy looked like he had to shit. This demon is something else. I missed, but how i was right there. Thank god i didnt hurt this crazy ass russian guy! Damn sammy can shoot too, my god she is so sexy! She actually killed this thing. I think im falling in love and to think i just met this girl. She saved me and everything, but now she killed a demon thing. This russians got some issues man. Bet he wont try that again—Clip_XXXX_171210_011550_617—>

Sami's Summary #4


3 dead hunters and a nights work well done. Steve goes and robs John’s car for more weapons. Of course he needs more, right?? I call Joe Cool and ask him if he’s heard from Nada. He hasn’t heard from her recently but he gave me a few points of interest to search for her. The addresses are 44 Shirley Avenue and 3 Mill Pond Lane. The email says Shirley is abandoned and the other has a puppet family living there. Lawrence said he did research on the addresses and they’re owned by somebody named Ethel Thurling. Shirley has not had utilities active for a year and a half. He continues Ethel’s name comes up in multiple old cases 30-40 years old. Vult interpretative dances and tells us Ethel has no birth or death certificates. Lawrence seems very frustrated because he doesn’t remember an Ethel. I suggest going to Shirley Avenue first. We begin to load into our vehicles, Vult in his impala, Steve in his newly acquired (stolen) Charger, Lawrence and I in the Limo. I give Charity the address and we head to 44 Shirley Avenue. 

We arrive shortly and make the block to investigate the building. Lawrence tells me there was a light on in the back when we first drove by but it’s gone now. I communicate that to Vult via text. We get out the limo and get ready to go. Lawrence silences the area around us and we sneak through the side of the yard. We see a lantern but it’s not lit. I hear some chanting coming from inside. We break the lock on the back door with a shotgun and proceed into the house. All of the open area we can find is clear, but we find the door that is separating us from the chanting. Steve walks ahead and opens the door to reveal… dun dun dun…. a empty room. The chanting is coming from a iPod in the room playing off a iHome. Lawrence tells us it’s been only about 5 minutes since the iPod was last touched. Vult tells us that before we went in, the lantern went out and somebody walked inside, but nobody has come out. Steve grabs the attic entrance and pulls it down. Vult walks up and Lawrence follows him. I proceed to follow the both of them up with Steve. Lawrence lets us know there’s a circle with a void in the middle. He’s unsure if it’s a binding circle or summoning circle. We vote and agree to break the circle. Steve walks up and breaks the circle. Forming from the mist reveals a demonic figure that is very skeletal-like. It looks at us in a frenzy, and I tell it to stand down for I am his master. (OOC: but Shawn makes it so my character is useless). We continue to attempt to reason with the demon but our progression is not quick. Lawrence begins to use force instead. I’m forced to continue with using just my shotgun. I never wanted to use it again unless I had to… I line up the shot, shoot…. and the demon disappears into a cloud of smoke. I put my shotgun back on my back and stare into the distance with a troubled look on my face…


Got a few more leads on my current case. The vampiric group managed to kill the hunters off. One less threat for all vampires. Sam found some addresses to check out for the Sherif. I ran them through the DA's database to find a single name tied to them and only one of them in current use. Ethyl. I ran the name through my own files and discovered his name in some 35 year old missing persons files. I must have interviewed him, but the troubling thing is that I can't remember. I worry that I may have been compromised. I'll be sure to secretly record interviews moving forward. 

  Turns out that the house is empty. A recording with chanting, definitely magic; but I don't know what kind. Found a magic circle in the attic. Summoning or binding, I'm not sure. Best to let the brute break the circle if we must. Turns out a fucking demon. A Frenzied, Aggressive, Excited, Anxious, motherfucking Demon. Sam tried talking it down. She managed to stop it's frenzy, but it's aura made no shift to non hostile after several words. It was time to put some bullets in it. Gun shots where covered by a blanket of silence. It wasn't long before Sam got the last shot. Collected a bit of demon residue. I will use it for trade.

Sami's Summary #3


A door is right in front of us. Vult pushes the door open to unveil a storage room with boxes. Steve tells me there’s voices in the room. Alex begins to sneak ahead. Meanwhile Vult starts with his interpretative dancing again. He’s telling us there’s two guys on the right side of the room. Vult goes in riding on the back of his wolf screaming in Russian. As one of the guys begins to grab for his gun Vult strikes the guy with his sword cutting his arm clean off. I dominate the other guy. Doing so I make him believe we’re his buddies, his partner was never there, and he’s in a safe space. At this point both are rendered useless. Alex goes over to the one without his arm and reattaches it. The rest of the party then begin to stock up on guns and ammo throughout the room. I ask the one thats dominated what we’re doing here. He tells me testing vampires to find vulnerabilities. I dominate him to obey completely next. I ask him who else is here with him. He said John Winchester is here but he’s out blowing off steam. I tell him to text and call John and tell him to meet us at a location at 2am. After I ask him what other safe houses there are, he tells me 3 others and gives addresses. Alex asks him what’s in the other room, and he says it’s living quarters and kitchen. Smith walks up and puts a sword straight through the one of the floors head killing him. He follows up by doing the same to the other guy. Vult grabs the guys car keys, and we start heading to the address that John is to meet us at. 

We get out the limo at the abandoned house that Smith referred us too. Shortly after we all hide away John pulled up and enters the house. We trap him between Vult and the rest of the party. After some short combat, John is killed. We’ve killed all the hunters within this family, and we’re now back to the task at hand. 

Sami's Summary #2


We’re in a room…. with a 16 year old…. I gotta get out of here, she isn’t telling us anything. We head down to the middle floor and see Hades playing Super Double Dragon vs. Battletoads with nobody else in the room. Me and Volt examine the rest of the floor and find Alex standing at a staircase heading to the basement. Alex shows us a text from this guy Honey told me about named Twon-Twon “Tunnel inside basement” We go down the stairs and there’s a tunnel leading out of 2 of the walls heading north and south. A window cracks open and Lawrence peaks through. I get a little startled but upon looking it’s Lawrence. Another guy Honey told me about. He jumps through the window and greets us. Volt starts doing some weird dance. I think he’s trying to tell us something, but i’m not quite sure what. Alex mentions that the torches have been lit recently on the north side of the tunnel. Volt, Alex and Lawrence head down the tunnel while Twon-Twon starts berating me about some stupid shit. In return I decide to intimidate him, and successfully shut him the fuck up. I then catch up with the group while Twon-Twon walks down the south tunnel. Lawrence stops suddenly, kneels and plays with the dirt. He tells us there’s a hidden door under here. Lawrence gets up and pulls a sconce and a wall turns to expose a hidden room. There are cages all over the room. The cages are made of silver and have crosses on them. In one of the cages is a guy that’s about 5’5” with an athletic build with golden blonde hair and beard. Volt asked him who he is and who brought him. He answers that he’s been here to long and please get him the fuck out of here. I ask him what’s been happening in the room. He says there were people in all the cages and they’ve all been taken but him. I ask who’s been taking them out the cages. He says it was 2 muscular guys. One wearing a flannel. Lawrence goes up to the cage, grabs the cross, holds it up to his forehead, and muddles “fuck”. He says there are hunters that take vampires into a back room one-by-one. Lawrence then goes and picks the lock on the cage. The vampire finally gets out of the cage. I introduce myself to the vampire, and he says his name is Steve. Steve begins to walk towards the door. Lawrence hands him a knife as they introduce each other. Vult strokes the shaft of his Great Sword and Slav squats on the back of his wolf. Suddenly an eerie silence falls over all of us. Volt kicks the door open.

We see a large medical facility with a operating table and jars containing various body parts. On the table is a living vampire cut open and mid dissection. Lawrence walks up and grabs a voice recorder on a counter. It recollects the experiments that had taken place on the vampires in this room. It sounds like he’s going to be testing the organs against various liquids and materials. Alex attempts to save the vampire on the table and gets him back into as best shape as possible for the guy. The guy continues to scream in pain. I go up to the guy and implant thoughts that he’s safe in a hospital being helps by doctors that know he’s a vampire. I ask him if he needs any particular blood. He says no, so I fill one of the flasks that Honey gave me with blood and pour it in his mouth. The cameras on the wall start to go haywire and turn in all directions. Lawrence walks up to the other door in the room and puts his hand on it. He says It looks like the hunters enter and leave from this door. Last they went was inside the door a few hours ago. Vult leads the way and opens the door. 

What’s behind the second door? Who exactly are these hunters? We’ll find out next week on NCIS: Chicago.

Secret Doors and Cells
A Few Thoughts From Lawrence's

I managed to get another case. These politicians are desperate for any dirt on each other. Their desperation is my rent. Found the group from before sneaking around in a basement. Of all the things to find a house for hunters. Hunters taking in vampires to be cut up and experimented on. A sick thrill and a way to garner more information on how to kill us. It would be best to inform the Cam, but I think I'll keep this little secret for myself for now. I managed to release one of the captured. Another lay cut up on a table, like an incomplete art project. 

Sami's Summary #1


After a flight with Demetrius from New York to Chicago we get to the Ritz. I’m wearing a totes adorbs Red Flannel shirt and a pair of jean shorts with a Coach backpack. Demetrius brings me to a room and tells me to wait until he’s ready for me. I play on my phone sipping on my Mocha Blood Latte until Demetrius calls me and asks me to come into the pent house a few doors down. When I get there I see Honey and I find out that he’s heading back to New York on business and i’ll be taking over on his behalf on his mission. I also will be in charge of opening Buckets Prime’s Chicago distribution center. Honey briefs me on what has happened so far since he’s been in Chicago. He hands me 2 flasks from his jacket pocket and texts me instructions on what to do with them. He informs me that Charity will be staying helping me on my journey. Honey tells me somebody by the name of Mr. Smith wants me to gather the team and meet him and gives me the info for it. We set up to meet down in the meeting room. 


I head down to the meeting room. I introduce myself to the group. Mr. Smith informs us that there’s an area where a lot of homeless have gone missing, and another where a lot of kidnappings in the area. There’s a guy named Hades Albion who seems to be connected to a kidnapping of a girl. I introduce myself to Vult and ask him to look into this Hades Albion guy. He makes a phone call to who I assume is Vladimir Putin, based off what Honey has told me about Vult. Vult says he has no information so far, but he’s waiting for a call back. Vult phone starts ringing and the ringtone is Trololo. How 2000 and late. He answers it and starts speaking in Russian. Vult says there’s 6 different Hades Alboin in the Chicago area. One named Hades Rickfort Albion has a criminal record for loitering near the 7/11 and harassing people. There’s another Hades Albion that lives near the homeless disappearances. We decide to head down to the Hades Albion that lives near the homeless. 


When we get there we pull up a house or 2 down and notice all the lights are on with somebody moving around upstairs. Alex goes and snoops around the house while the rest of the guys hide. I go knock on the door and when the guy answers the door I tell him that my car broke down and I need to call for help. He lets me in and I use command to make him obey. I tell him i’m letting my buddies in don’t say a word. He agrees and I let the rest of the guys in. He tells us his girlfriend Victoria is upstairs. I head upstairs and go in Victoria’s room. I command her to obey as well. I ask her some questions but she really doesn’t help at all. She’s just giving an attitude. She’s very strange to say the least. 


Is there anything to be found in this emo kid’s house? When will he catch a charge for being with this underage chick? Find out next time on The Young and The Restless.

lead #15
another bust

So the lead on the old folks home turned out to be a bust. I did meet up with another group of vampires though. One of them (some big wrestler dude) was tied down to a slab that had explosive runes all over it. I was able to free him and meet the rest of the group. They seem to be on a very big quest so it might be a good idea to follow them. They could lead me to some people higher up that might know where my sire is. But why is one of them a child? Can children be embraced? Seems so. Also, is one of the group a nosefaratu? I have only ever read about them. They are a lot more grotesque in person. Ohh well. We then tried to turn the power on, but we were attacked by some shadowy people and a nosefaratu disguised as someone else. Is this that odfuscate power I had read about. Interesting. But anyways, there are apparently use this old folks home as a way to get free blood. Must be some lazy vampires if ya ask me. Anyways, we are going to set up an ambush for them and see if we can't figure out what is going on.


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