Chicago at War

Honey's Journal Entry #3
Session 3: Revenge of the Sith 8/5/16



Well, we’ve officially declared our loyalty to the Chicago crew. Running Bull looks at his phone rather intrigued. I asked him what he’s looking at and he drags me out the Elysium into the car with Charity. He shows me a text from Nada saying to get to the hotel because they’re under attack. We race across time as soon as possible, loading our weapons in the meanwhile. We see smoke in the skyline toward the hotel from down the road.


We pull up on the side of the road and Running Bull goes and finds a vantage point to scope out the area. He texts me saying he sees fighting and heads back. He tells me Twon-Twon is on his way to the limo. Twon-Twon meets us back at the limo. We head to the hotel, and take the side entrance in. We take the employee’s fire escape stairs up toward the pent house. We hear gun shots and screams, but ignore it because we have shit to do. We get up to the pent house’s floor, and i pull the door open. We see Nada surrounded by 6 guys with long claws.Running Bulls throws his flash bang into the room and we close the door waiting for it to go off. It explodes, and Twon-Twon and Running Bull run ahead of me. I yell out “Well I guess it’s time to play”. Twon-Twon’s stupid ass tried to bite one of them and failed. He ended up getting headbutted. Nada instead rips off one of the enemies head. The fight goes on, with us winning the fight. During the fight I managed to Command 2 of the enemies. Nada makes quick work of one of them. The other she asks who sent them. He didn’t answer, so she ripped out his heart.


Who sent these vile enemies to attack the hotel? Will Nada ever be the same? Where the hell did Alice go off to? Are hotdogs technically considered sandwiches? Find out next time on Dragon Ball GT.



Honey's Journal Entry #2
Session 2: Electric Boogaloo 6/3/17



Alice meets us at the Elisium. Sign on door, private party.

We walk in together, we get some strange looks. Probably cause of Running Bull looks like a weirdo. We meet up with a guy named Joe Cook. Apparently he’s a WWE wrestler. He’s gonna introduce us to some chick. He’s like black colonel sanders. We wait around for him to come get us.


We go to bar, me and running bull get a blood wine. I don’t trust it and give it to Joe Cook when he gets back. He escorts us to outside the room of cenashaw. I ask Joe about our meeting. He tells us they’re gonna send us against the sabat, because they’re easier. He says the other 2 groups are being checked out by “their brethren”, bruha, and gangrel. He said the Elisium is a safe haven for vampires. He said Nada is coordinating defense efforts elsewhere. He said there’s faction inside chicago that wants to make Nada Prince, it’s issue because asamites are not typically part of camarillo. He wants Nada to be Prince but she doesn’t want the job. He leaves us be.


Door opens few moments later. We walk in, there’s 2 girls that look to be twins. I recognize Paula the cenashaw. I remember she’s the creator of tinder. We give our pleasantries We’re here to pledge our allegiance to Chicago, and touch base. Pledge will be tomorrow night. There’s a bar near Wrigley Field called the Club House that the sisters own. That’s where we’ll be meeting for 7:45pm to be presented to the Court. 


We head to the Club House. As we get near there’s a fire so we get out and I send Charity back to the hotel. 2 people in black tactical gear walk toward us and we get ready for combat. They come up on us swinging a chain and a bat. Alice and I dodge their attacks I used my Command ability to force the one on the right into submission. Running Bull straight up fucks this dude on the left by shooting him point blank with his shotgun to the temple… he dead. We take the other guy to the local [insert hotel here] to a room to interrogate him. 


I submit him again while he’s tied to a chair. In the meanwhile I call Joe Cook again and get him to give me to Paula and inform her that the Club House has been attack. She becomes frantic talking to somebody in the background. She asks us to come back to Elisium. I hang up and interrogate the guy again. His name is Tom and he’s with the Sabat. They were at the Club House to destroy it because of Paula. Headquarters is in Gary. Haven is (gives me address writes it in phone), and they meet in sewers (tells me where it’s at). Guy we killed was Simon. There’s also James and Joshua, they’re on other a mission. All Sabat. They had ghouls that were killed in the fires at the Club House. He’s 12th generation. Running Bull goes full on savage on his ass and drains Tom. Safe to say he’s dead. Running Bull cleans up the mess asap. 


You know what, I wonder how Demetrius did today. He was working on making us the exclusive buckets of the 2018 PyeongChang and Tokyo Olympics. I mean the deal includes the prime minister Shinz┼Ź Abe dressed up as Mario jumping out a Buckets Emporium sponsored green pipe at the Opening Ceremonies. 


Anyway, we head back to the Elesium. Joe brings us straight back to Paula’s office. We run down what had happened. She takes a glove out a box from a desk drawer, it looks once white with a lot of blood. She extends her hand with the glove on. . She begins our initiation. Alice goes first. She takes her hand, pokes a pole to start bleeding, and puts it onto Paula’s hand with the glove. Once it stops bleeding, Alice licks her wound, and Running Bull goes next. Last but certainly not least, I initiated. 

What will happen next? Will we find out who is in charge of the Sabat? Where's the hell did the other three in our crew go? Will Myspace be sad that Tom died? Find out next time, on Dragon Ball Z.

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