Chicago at War

Honey's Journal Entry #6




It all started on a sunny Saturday afternoon… Wait, that’s not right? We’re about to get fucked by these 3 dudes. Mr. Smith immediately drops into a shadow and sneaks out a window. What the fuck man, he’s just splitting on us? Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck. I receive a text from Twon-Twon saying “…BFG upstairs scratch head if he should shoot him” I just sigh, and make motions with my eyes for him to go upstairs. Twon-Twon texts me “you have 5 seconds” I nod, turn to Vult and say “I guess it’s go time!” and throw him Bun-Bun V1. He goes to throw it at the guy at the top floor. It hits him in the face and says “I think we’re gonna be best friends!” and explodes into a cloud of fog. Doing so the guy backs right into Twon-Twon making Twon-Twon shoot in the wrong direction. Twon-Twon regroups himself and shoots the guy upstairs in the back of the knee, and does a little bit of damage. This new guy busts through the door, looks like a high school kid. Hopefully this is our relief. I attempt to command the quesadilla by the front door. This high school Weeb with the katana, goes and cuts the douche bro straight up from his dick up to his head. Slicing him in half and killing him. As the fog above clears, I can see Twon-Twon has completely drained the guy upstairs. Vult went ahead outside to check on his pupper. I finally command the latina chick to surrender and lock her up in cuffs and zip ties, and I drain her. As I’m finishing draining the latina chick, Nada walks in and sees me with blood on my face. 


What will Nada do since i’ve drained the Latina Taqueria? What lies within the casket?! Third question? Find out new time on Will & Grace.


shawnmtoups ssj4supershadow

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