Child CEO of Buckets Emporium


Honey is 14 years old, but his apparent age is of 10. He’s a white male; at 4 foot 6 inches and 66 pounds. He has bright blonde hair with clear blue eyes. He’s a child CEO of Buckets Emporium, so he always looks the part. He dresses in a full suit, and it would be surprising to see him in anything else. He’s an extremely good talker, and can manipulate any situation to his advantage. After his father’s death, Honey abandoned his family name.


Honey grew up with all of the finer things in life; money, limos, private jets, power, and bitches. He was raised by his father, Theodore Bucketham, Founder and CEO of Buckets Emporium. He had his entire life planned out for him before he was born, and he embraces it.

When it was time for Honey to start his schooling, his father hired the worlds most renowned tutor Demetrius Von Stein. Honey and him had a great relationship. To this day, Demetrius is the only person that has earned his respect. On September 3rd 2012, Demetrius embraced Honey at the age 10 years old. Soon after, Demetrius began to talk to Honey more about his future as CEO of Buckets Emporium. He started to worry Honey by telling him that his father was not planning on appointing him to CEO, and does not see him as a good heir of Bucket’s Emporium. He convinced Honey that the only way for him to guarantee his future as CEO, is to murder his father.

After pondering over Demetrius’ words for many nights, Honey finally decided to stage his fathers death in a horrible car accident. Within days of Theodore’s death, Honey was named CEO. Honey shortly appointed Demetrius as COO, and made him responsible of all day-to-day operations of Buckets Emporium. Since the team of Honey and Demetrius took over, Buckets Emporium has become 2000% more profitable, and more fortune than Honey could have imagined is at his finger tips.

In his free time, Honey works on his nonprofit organization, Buckets of Fun for Families (BFF for short). BFF is a charity based around giving under privileged children around the world games and toys. Just in 2016 alone, Honey’s organization contributed more than 30 million dollars towards making children’s lives better worldwide. With the success of BFF, the young philanthropist has reached a whole new level of socioeconomic status.


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