Chicago at War

Sami's Summary #3



A door is right in front of us. Vult pushes the door open to unveil a storage room with boxes. Steve tells me there’s voices in the room. Alex begins to sneak ahead. Meanwhile Vult starts with his interpretative dancing again. He’s telling us there’s two guys on the right side of the room. Vult goes in riding on the back of his wolf screaming in Russian. As one of the guys begins to grab for his gun Vult strikes the guy with his sword cutting his arm clean off. I dominate the other guy. Doing so I make him believe we’re his buddies, his partner was never there, and he’s in a safe space. At this point both are rendered useless. Alex goes over to the one without his arm and reattaches it. The rest of the party then begin to stock up on guns and ammo throughout the room. I ask the one thats dominated what we’re doing here. He tells me testing vampires to find vulnerabilities. I dominate him to obey completely next. I ask him who else is here with him. He said John Winchester is here but he’s out blowing off steam. I tell him to text and call John and tell him to meet us at a location at 2am. After I ask him what other safe houses there are, he tells me 3 others and gives addresses. Alex asks him what’s in the other room, and he says it’s living quarters and kitchen. Smith walks up and puts a sword straight through the one of the floors head killing him. He follows up by doing the same to the other guy. Vult grabs the guys car keys, and we start heading to the address that John is to meet us at. 

We get out the limo at the abandoned house that Smith referred us too. Shortly after we all hide away John pulled up and enters the house. We trap him between Vult and the rest of the party. After some short combat, John is killed. We’ve killed all the hunters within this family, and we’re now back to the task at hand. 


shawnmtoups ssj4supershadow

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